Four Components to an Eating Plan

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An eating plan to use with the Triple D system to stop binge eating.

You must have an eating plan in order to use the Triple D system. An eating plan not only gives direction but also serves as a line that binge cravings and urges will prompt you to cross.

You WANT your cravings and urges to surface. The more obvious your food cravings are, the better chance you have at stopping them. Subtle cravings are powerful.

A never always eating plan is simple

Write a list of the things you will always do. And the things you will never do. Never and always are high commitment words. That’s what we’re looking for. Commitment. And don’t worry about the side effects of commitment.

Side effects of commitment

Fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, and even anger can surface at the very idea of committing to eating healthy and never binge eating again. So if you’re already experiencing the side effects of committing to health, congrats! You’re moving in the right direction.

The eating plan is all about the rules: what to do always and never.

Sample Always Rules for Eating and Long-Term Health

  • Measure and track all food, all the time

Sample Never Rules

  • Drink alcohol
  • Eat or continue eating when not physically hungry

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